How do I ELIMINATE the delivery of EVERY notification generated by an LTI 1.3 tool to my institution's Digital service support for CANVAS

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An external tool has been implemented at a University using LTI1.3.

The tool generates messages that are relayed through CANVAS Notifications to both the Instructor and Students enrolled in the course. That's nominal.

However, a copy of every notification is sent by email to the University's Digital Support person, sent as through from This is the person who set up the external tool on the university.

I want to ELIMINATE all messages from the external tool copied to the Digital Support person. ANd or know what settings to adjust in either the Conversations Settings or the Tool setup.

We tried adjusting the Conversation Settings to a weekly summary, but that has not stemmed the flow of notifications.

Any other advice, please, to stem the abundant copy of emails to the Digital Support person.

The person does not have Observer Role in the courses generating the notifications.


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