How do I give individual students extra attempts at an assignment?

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It is before the assignment due date, and one student accidentally submitted a partly completed assignment. I would like to give this one student an extra submission on the assignment, but I don't want to give the whole class two submissions. How do I do this?

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Hi - This post's original date was 2015, but I've noticed some newer activity. 

I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify what's available in Canvas. Like Stefanie shared, Canvas has implemented a "reassign" feature that is detailed in  How do I reassign an assignment in SpeedGrader?. There are a few limitations, and those are outlined in the light blue box at the top of the page. This will work as long as assignment attempts aren't restricted such that the student has already reached the maximum number set on the assignment.

So, yes, you can limit the number of attempts. However, whichever number you choose for the assignment applies to all students. How do I limit submission attempts for an assignment? 

With this, there's the need for being able to add attempts on a student-per-student basis. There is an Idea open for this. I hope those who would like to see the feature developed would add to the conversation and rate (star) the Idea:  per-user-reattempts for assignments - Instructure Community  

How do idea conversations work in the Instructure Community? 

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This is not solved; it's just not possible.
There is a really simple solution here, Canvas! "Reassign" should work regardless of the number of attempts otherwise allowed. Because if "reassign" has been hit, *obviously* an instructor with grading ability has chosen for whatever reason, to instruct this particular student to turn in the assignment again. It's elegant, easy and probably not all that difficult to implement.

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