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IS there are way to get the attendance roll-call report to include SIS student IDs and not just student IDs?

As per the question - how can we get the attendance roll-call report to include SIS student IDs rather than just student IDs (the two are different)?

I have seen a claim somewhere else on this discussion board that giving teacher access to all sections cures the problem but unfortunately, that isn't true - I have teacher access to all sections and I can't get the SIS student ID to appear in the report

We have an administrator who can get SIS student IDs in some roll-call reports but not others (he can even get SIS student IDs for courses that I cannot).

I have absolutely no idea what is going on as it seems to be entirely random whether it will give out SIS student IDs or not

The guide on producing roll-call reports seems to be partly aware of this issue as it says the report includes "student ID" and then elsewhere describes filtering by "SIS student ID" but I don't understand why it would keep these two things separate as I can't find anywhere that would give both SIS student ID and student ID at the same time

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Hello @j_wilkie 

Thanks for posting this in the Global Canvas Community. 

It looks like the attendance reports that can be run do not include the students SIS Id's. Reports will always include data fields for: Course ID, SIS Course ID, Course Code, Course Name, Teacher ID, Teacher Name, Student ID, Student Name, Class Date, Attendance, and Timestamp. This appears to be a limitation of the reports that can be run in Canvas. However, I do see how this would be helpful. My guess is that the report does not use the students SIS ID's to generate the report. Instead it pulls other bits of information. 

This would make a great feature request for future releases in Canvas. I did not see any ideas had been submitted that were related this yet. 

If you truly need to get the student sis id's, you could always run a Class Roster report in new analytics. Keep in mind, Report data may be delayed by 24 hours. This should export a report that displays the Student Name, Student SIS ID, Email, and Section Name. There is also a permissions that can be enabled by your school's admins on the account level that allows teachers to view SIS ID's for students from the People page. That permission is called SIS Data-Read and can be enabled on the course role level.  


Hopefully this helps! 


Thanks Colton

So it looks like it is not possible at the moment to get SIS Student ID in the attendance reports. Though your reply didn't solve our original problem (because the problem couldn't be solved), it did lead me into other information that will prove useful in the longer term.

We can get the SIS student IDs from a range of places but the problem is we need to link attendance reports to other engagement data we have from other sources and SIS student ID was designed to do exactly that.

Unfortunately, your idea to go via new analytics to get both Student ID and SIS student ID at the same time both works and leads us into even more problems - New Analytics and Attendance use different versions of the Student ID! Attendance gives a 6-digit number whereas New Analytics returns a 17-digit student ID though the last 6 digits match those of the Attendance version so now we need to think of ways to chop off the first 11 digits.

Consistency in data formats is a virtue so often overlooked


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