How do I view and download reports in New Analytics?

You can view and download reports for published courses as CSV files in New Analytics. You can download reports for missing assignments, late assignments, excused assignments,  class roster, and course activity. Reports can be filtered depending on the report type.

Report data may be delayed by 24 hours; however, Course Activity Report data may be delayed by 40 hours.

New Analytics report data begins on the date that New Analytics was enabled in a published course. For example, if a course enabled New Analytics on October 1 and downloaded a report on October 15, the report would only include data between October 1-15.

Note: In order for New Analytics to display in Canvas, third-party cookies may need to be enabled in your browser settings.

Open Course

Open Course

In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course [2].

Open New Analytics

To open New Analytics, click the New Analytics link in Course Navigation [1] or click the New Analytics button in the Course Home Page [2].

Note: If you cannot view the New Analytics link, you may have to make the link visible via the Navigation tab in Course Settings.

Open Reports

Click the Reports tab.

View Reports

View Reports

View the New Analytics reports. The following reports are available:

  • Missing Assignments [1]: a list of assignments that have not been submitted yet
  • Late Assignments [2]: a list of assignments that have been submitted late
  • Excused Assignments [3]: a list of assignments that are excused
  • Class Roster [4]: a list of students enrolled in the course or section with student contact information such as email and SIS ID
  • Course Activity [5]: a list of daily user views and participations

Note: The Course Activity Report only includes course activity data for the past 14 days.

Run Reports

Run Reports

To view more information about the report, click the Information icon [1].

To open and configure a report, click the Run Report button for the corresponding report [2].

Filter Report


To add a filter for the report, click the Add Filter button [1].

Click the Filter by drop-down menu and select filters for the report [2].

To remove a filter, click the Delete button [3].

Run Report


To run the report and download the CSV file, click the Run Report button.

Open Report


Locate the CSV file for the report to open and view the report.

View Report


View the report.

View Online Attendance Report

View Online Attendance Report

To view the Online Attendance report, click the Online Attendance tab.

Note: If the Online Attendance tab does not display in your course, it has not been enabled by your institution.

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