Instructor keeps getting booted from Discussion Section site

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I am the instructor for a 60-student course with two discussion sections. My grad student Associate Instructor (AI) keeps adding me to her discussion section Canvas site and it keeps disappearing from my dashboard. I have access for a few days and then I don't. This happened a few terms ago and I never found a fix. I'm tired of having to ask her to re-add me every few days. Why is this happening? I am currently the instructor for another course with three discussion sections and I have had no issues at all with staying in those.

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Community Coach

Hi @rdobler,

I came across this unanswered question while doing a community cleanup.  In case this is still an issue or an issue in the future, I wanted to give a quick reply.  As a Canvas admin myself, I strongly suspect an integration between your school's student information system (SIS) and Canvas is the culprit here.  There are many systems that sync enrollments (especially student and teacher ones) hourly/daily/weekly and remove any enrollments from Canvas that are not in the SIS.  I would guess you're not officially listed as an instructor for the discussion section, so even though you keep getting added, the integration scripts keep pulling you back out.  I would suggest contacting your local Canvas administrators (usually in the eLearning / IT / Digital Education areas) if this happens again so they can investigate and hopefully come up with a solution to keep you in the discussion section (assuming it's allowed).

I hope this delayed response helps!


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