Is it correct, that attachement disappears when replying to a Canvas message from Outlook?

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As a teacher I send a message through Canvas to my students. It gives them a notification in their own email software, lets say Outlook in this case. A student replay to the notification ( and attach a file.

I can read the answer in Canvas, but I cannot see the attachement. 

Am I doing something wrong? Any solution?



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Hi  @jsc .  You are not missing anything.  This is a current limitation in how messages are passed back from external email clients to the Canvas Inbox.  I reviewed this response with a similar question, Responding with an attachment to a forwarded conversation.  It appears that the idea liked in this page," modifiedtitle="..., is in product radar so perhaps this functionality will be added.  I don't know of a way around this other to request students not reply to messages forwarded to Outlook with attachments but to post those documents in Canvas directly.

Best wishes!

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