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Is it possible to make within-course-section-calendar-events visible to not enrolled students?

Hi there,

I have a question regarding visibility of syllabus and calendar events.

This is the process we have at my school:
- students pick their own courses before a term starts;
- every course syllabus is set to "public within the institution", so students can see them without being enrolled in the courses;
- we have a number of groups for each course with set dates;
- we create the course sessions in the calendar in advance, and these pop up at the bottom of the syllabus, so students can see the dates (again, without being enrolled in the course).

Our issue is:
If we create calendar events within group sections (i.e. the future student groups) then the events won't show up in the bottom of the syllabus as summary. The issue is that once we have the final student groups enrolled in their sections, they see every group's calendar events which is confusing for some. The double-work solution is to remove the originally created calendar events and recreate them within the sections but this is just meh.

The question is:
Is there a way to create calendar events within sections that are visible to unenrolled students? 


Thanks if you have any tips!

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Hello @tmsnvk 

I was able to look into this for a little bit and here is what I found.:  

Calendar events can only be assigned to everyone in the course. Because of this, there is not a way to only assign it to the specific sections, unfortunately. 

You could create assignments that are assigned to specific sections of students and they will show up for the students in that section. 

Another option would be to manually type in the different events for each of the sections on the syllabus description. 

I do see how this would be a great option when setting up events for courses in Canvas and specific sections. This might make a great feature request for future releases in Canvas. 

Hopefully this helps! 


Hi @ColtonSwapp,

Thanks for your reply! I will do post it as a feature request, however, I understand it's quite a specific request.



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