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How do I add an event to a course calendar?

How do I add an event to a course calendar?

A Canvas event is a non-graded Canvas activity. Events you create on the Calendar will not appear in the Assignments page or in the Gradebook. But they will show up on the Syllabus page and student calendars. You can create events with due date times as well as all-day events.

For example, you may create a course event with a link to the readings that you want students to do in preparation for a class discussion in the Calendar. You will not grade students on whether or not they have done the reading, but you are providing the readings on a specific day to help them organize their time more efficiently.

You can also duplicate an event.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

Add Event

Add Event

Click any date on the calendar to add an event [1]. Or, click the arrows next to the month name to navigate to a different month [2] and select a date.

If you don't want to manually locate the date, you can click the Add icon [3].

Add Event Details

Add Event Details

Enter a title for the event [1].

Depending on how you added your event, the date may be populated for you. If not, enter a date in the date field [2].

The calendar times may also be populated for you in the From fields [3]. Edit or enter the start and end time for your event. To create an all-day event, leave the From fields blank so there is no start and end time for your event.

If a location is required, enter a location for the event [4].

In the Calendar drop-down menu [5], select the course calendar for the event.

Submit Event

Submit Event

To add additional details to your event, click the More Options button [1]. You can use the Rich Content Editor to add a description or resource links, add an address location, and duplicate the event.

If you only want to create the event as a placeholder and add details later, click the Submit button [2]. You can edit your event at any time.


Can I restrict access to calendar events to make them available only after a certain date in the same way that assignments can be restricted to become available on a certain date? 


For example, I am using the calendar to prepopulate a months worth of agendas, and my agendas contain links to files, WS, activities etc, which I wish not to have public until the day of, or the day before, said event.  I understand I can do that with assignments, but I'm not seeing a way to do that with calendar events.  I've tried populating the date fields on the events, but that does not appear to restrict viewing the event, at least as when seen in Student View.  Am I missing something here?  Can what I'm describing be done?


Hi @kjordan,

That functionality doesn't currently exist for calendar events. If you think Canvas could be improved by adding this function, you can start a new feature idea conversation to suggest an update to Canvas. Other community users will be able to view, comment, and kudo your idea. 


For all my ART 1 students; I would want to repeat the same daily events for each of my five classes.


Hi @stephenreed,

To create duplicate calendar events, please visit How do I add and duplicate an event in the Calendar as an instructor? Let us know if you have further questions.


Is it possible to add the same event to multiple courses at once?  I have general tutoring times and want to put them on the calendars of all my courses without creating and posting it several times.

Hi @stephenreed - be very, very sure if you want to create duplicate events.   If you do and you change your mind later, each event is it's own event and you will need to delete every. single. one.  One. by. one.     


Thanks for adding your comment. It's currently not possible to add an event to multiple courses at the same time. If this is something you feel should be added to Canvas, you could add an idea conversation to suggest that functionality.


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