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Link for Creating New Canvas Message to Instructor

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Is there a way to use HTML code to make a link start a new Canvas message to me, as the instructor?  I could use "mailto", but that forces the students to contact me through email.  I'd rather have the link kick them right to a new message within Canvas that is already addressed to me.

Is this possible?

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 @pfau ‌, when the instructor clicks on one of the names that display on the People tab, it will launch the Student Context Card; the instructor can click on the envelope icon to send the student a message directly from the People page. The View Context Card section of provides a screenshot.

Well, now I feel dumb! There's some other place in Canvas that I wished students could be contacted from--can't think of it now. That must have been what was on my mind! Thanks for setting me straight!

There are just so many things to know, Russell! Smiley Happy 

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If a course has 2 instructors, how can you create this link to send both of them the message in Canvas inbox?  

When you copy the URL from the Send Message button, you will need to edit it slightly.  See below:

When I get the link to send a message it starts like this: 

The URL has a context_id, user_id, and user_name value in it.  Here's how you would change it to message all the teachers in a course instead of just a single user (see bold):

Hope this helps!

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Another idea we've tried with this is creating a Redirect app so that the link to message the instructor can be visible in the course menu at all times.  The only downside is that when you copy a course over, for whatever reason it doesn't update the Redirect app, so you would have to update that each time you import into a new course.

I can't get the context card to pop up for instructors so tried to follow the instructions for messaging all teachers and posted this link:

However, with each of the solutions presented in this thread I always get a "recipients invalid" error. Here's a screen!



Thank you in advance!!

Huge thanks for this! Very helpful

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This seems to work, had to do a combination of what the folks here proposed. 

https://instance/conversations?context_id=course_course id&user_id=user id&user_name=first name%20last name#filter=type=inbox