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Linking to course content in New Quizzes

Why have we lost the ability to link to course material in the New Quiz format? I want to be able to add, "Please check the assignment guidelines before you answer the questions in this quiz," along with a link to those guidelines. We're trying to make navigation through a course as easy and intuitive as possible, right? The Classic Quiz link icon in the Rich Content Editor allows you to choose "Course Link" or "External Link." As my attached screenshot shows, Canvas has specifically and knowingly disallowed course links in the New Quiz RCE. Why?

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Community Coach

Hi @suzanne_waldenb ...

I understand the frustration.  And, I know this might not be a direct answer to your question, but maybe I can share an example from my own testing that might help to shed some light on this?  Just know that I could be way off in my thinking this is just an observation I made in my own testing.  Please also know that New Quizzes is essentially a LTI tool...which might also explain why linking to content pages in your course isn't least yet.

  • I first created a small classic quiz in my sandbox course with a single sentence of introduction directions.  In the sentence, I created a link to a separate content page in my course that had some text to read (similar, I suppose, to your "assignment guidelines").
  • I then migrated the classic quiz to a New Quiz.
  • After the migration to the New Quiz, I previewed my quiz and noticed that the link I had created in classic quizzes was not the same as it was in New Quizzes.  ("SchoolName" is your own school name in your Canvas URL.)
  • So, when I clicked on the link int he New Quiz, it appeared to be looking for my "bacon-ipsum" page on that server...but it couldn't find the page because that page doesn't exist on the New Quiz server.  It only exists within the course.

It sure would be nice if the link didn't change...but I've run across similar issues with file names being re-named during a classic quiz to New Quiz migration, too.  Pretty weird stuff, IMHO. I said, it's not a direct answer to your question, but maybe sort of an explanation as to the oddity I've seen with links being converted.  Just my $0.02 ... for what it's worth.

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