Managing Messaging in large courses with multiple Teachers/TAs

Community Champion

Large courses for us are courses with 100's of students and multiple TA's to assist the teacher with the administration of the course.   The can happen because it's a single large course everyone registers for, or because there are multiple small sections that the teacher crosslists.    

The teachers in our large courses all have the problem of managing messaging from students.    The teacher tries to get students to message their TA first for questions, or to even message any TA first, before messaging the teacher directly.    But no matter what the teachers try, students end up messaging the wrong people or end up messaging everyone, and no one know who is working the question.

We've looked at 3rd party tools, but students keep messaging using the Canvas system they are familiar with, circumventing the 3rd party tool.

Can you share strategies you've come up with for managing the messaging in large courses?   

Thanks, Glen