Managing User Accounts after Graduation

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We don't make any changes for student accounts in Canvas, but their access to Canvas gets shut off based on the standard campus policy.

We are about the renew the subscription, and I am curious if these inactive students are counted into the FTE since they are already inactive for years?

If they are counted, any way to close their accounts, but not deleting the from Canvas?

For deletion, how do I archive and keep all their records such as submissions, marks in all courses?

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Doesn't your institution count FYEs through SIS? I'm a bit confused by this. At my community college. enrollment data is the purview of SIS. 

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Hi @pctay,

I know this is a late response, but I found this thread while doing a community cleanup.  I would generally encourage you (or anyone else who stumbles on this thread) ask your Instructure account/billing contact for their interpretation on what numbers you should report.  FTE would usually indicate current enrollments over an academic year.  Instructure is likely a little lenient for past courses and enrollments in most cases, but I'm pretty sure they won't be able to keep every account and every course forever into the future without some kind of extra charges.


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