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Mark assignment at "Missing/Incomplete/Excused" in Speedgrader?

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Is there a way, in SpeedGrader, to mark an assignment missing? It's rather clunky to go back into Gradebook and mark each individual missing assignment as missing. Would be much faster to do it in Speedgrader.

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Community Team
Community Team

Marking and editing statuses in Speedgrader is in the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-10-16).

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @MrsStrubhar 

You cannot add Missing labels from Speedgrader, but it is hardly necessary. Unless your school has modified Canvas, the Gradebook will always display the colors that designate an assignment as .............

  • Blue [1]: Late submission
  • Red [2]: Missing submission
  • Green [3]: Resubmitted assignment
  • Orange [4]: Dropped grade
  • Yellow [5]: Excused assignment

The "Missing" designation depends on the assignment having a due date that has passed. You can learn more at How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?


I hope this is helpful,


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Does Canvas mark it as missing after the due date if the assignment is submitted through an external tool, like GoFormative? Mine is not doing that.

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You are correct that when using a 3rd party tool, Gradebook does not mark it as missing automatically. This feature would be incredibly helpful if we could have a mass marking of missing assignments!

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You are wrong that this feature is "hardly necessary". I have gathered that the feature that automatically marks assignments missing does not work with externally submitted assignments. My school almost entirely uses externally submitted assignments (typically Google Docs cloud assignments). Because these are not automatically marked as missing, I have to spend an inordinate amount of time individually marking every single assignment as missing. Canvas desperately needs to add a feature in the speed grader where an assignment can be quickly marked "missing" or "excused", or whatever. Also helpful might be a feature in the gradebook where you can automatically mark every zero as missing or something.

My other gradebook, Skyward, allows me to open an assignment and just go down the roster and check a little box for "missing" or "excused". It is much faster than Canvas and this is a feature that Canvas seriously needs to fix. 

I am required to enter every assignment, whether done on paper or through Canvas, in Canvas. So yes, entering missing is necessary. 

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I just posted a question about this. Google Cloud Assignments are my preferred method of submission, and I have 150+ students in a virtual setting. I'm losing my mind having to mark so many assignments as missing. And I'm getting carpel tunnel from so many mouse clicks. 

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Is there any update to this? It is apparently possible to use the letters EX to mark an assignment as excused/excluded in Speedgrader. 

I would also like to be able to mark assignments as "Missing" in the Speedgrader. I don't understand why it is possible to exclude/excuse but not mark as missing?

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This is STILL an issue, and I completely disagree that it's "hardly necesssary". I'm hoping that Canvas will add this feature so we can type in "MI" directly into the Speedgrader.

It does NOT mark it as missing if the assignment is submitted through an external tool.