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Microsoft Teams LTI and Canvas Calendars

In the announcements from last year about the new Teams LTI, it was stated that scheduled meetings would appear in the Canvas course calendars. There is a comment in one of the threads (that has since been locked down) that this particular feature would not be available in the first release of the LTI, but it was understood to be an important feature which would be forthcoming in a future update.

I'm writing today to see if I can get a forecast on when this functionality might become available.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Keen
Landmark College

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Hi @Landmark_Coll 

I found this information here, and It suggests that you should be able to create the Teams meeting from the calendar. It would display there if you were to create it there. 
You would need to go to the calendar, select the date and the course and select "more options" that will give you the rich content editor for the event and you will have the Teams LTI option there. 

I hope this answers your question. Have a great day. Thank you.

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@blopes Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, your proposed solution points back to the original Teams/Canvas LTI introduced in March 2020 which does not offer the rich integration promised with the new LTI introduced in August 2021. From the Microsoft web site:

Microsoft Teams meetings LTI app helps admins incorporate Teams meetings into their educational institution's LMS course. Educators and students can view past and upcoming meetings, schedule individual or recurring meetings, and join team meetings related to the course, all from within their LMS.

The method you proposed does not allow for recurring meetings or send out any sort of notifications that a meeting has been scheduled. (I was wrong; it does send a notification, but the notification lacks a direct link to the Teams meeting.) It does not integrate with a user's Outlook calendar. It does not offer access to chat, files, or recordings of the Teams meeting from within Canvas. The following was announced in the blog last April...




Kindly remove the "solved" tag from this thread. This remains an "open" issue.



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@blopes I see this still remains marked as "solved." Please review and re-open. Thanks.

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I didnt see any update here? I made a teams meeting and it's not showing on any calendar, neither directly in canvas or in outlook that I have synced. Is the calendar support not up yet?