Permit teachers the ability to add users to sandbox courses only

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As the LMS admin for our institution, I have encountered a specific challenge related to user access in our courses, and I am seeking guidance or insights on potential solutions.

Our current situation involves a necessary lockdown of faculty's ability to add users to their live courses. However, we still want to facilitate the process for faculty members to add users specifically to the sandbox courses they create. I am reaching out to explore potential options or strategies that other institutions might be employing to address a similar need.

If your institution has faced and successfully managed a situation like this, I would greatly appreciate any information or advice you could provide. Understanding the approaches taken by other educational institutions would be invaluable in determining the most effective solution for our context.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to any insights you can share.

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Community Coach

Hi @Skot,

The approach I think you'll find most taking it to either create a new subaccount for sandbox courses, and adjust the permissions of that subaccount to all teachers to add users for that subaccount or use the pre-created "manually created courses" subaccount for this and again, adjust the permissions for teachers there.

We did this for a while at my institution, but we recently reverted back to having admins add upon request for sandboxes too because faculty were getting too confused about the difference in their abilities between real courses and sandbox courses, and also were starting to abuse the privileges in the sandbox area and basically having  "real" courses for unapproved things there.


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