Rubric Creation & Criterion Ranges

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With assessment, we know that Rubrics are not grades.  I appreciate the opportunity to use the Canvas Rubrics tool, as it can be a good guide for students to know about how I assess components (criteria) of an assignment for determining  that assignment's overall grade.  I find it helpful for papers, especially.

An issue/question comes up for students and me.  When I am creating a Rubric via Canvas, "Course Rubrics," I use the option of:  Criteria/Description of Criterion/and I check the box for, "Range."  Next, I enter the values for the "Range," of the criterion via "Ratings."

When students and I go to the "Assignment," the Rubric appears with each Criterion and the Range I entered.

The confusion comes in with the Canvas Gradebook.  While I take the time to complete a Rubric for each student's paper submitted, choosing the Ranges that best apply to the student's abilities to meet each criterion, those same criterion are represented by a single point total, and not a Range - as I had intended.  Understandably, students are confused when the Canvas default single point total for each criterion appears to be different than the final grade they earn for the assignment.

Perhaps I am not creating the Rubric to function in the way I intend it to:  providing a range of criterion assessment that will help me to determine an assignment's overall grade.

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Hi @mcmaguire 

I have not yet used the new range feature in Canvas Rubrics, and now I doubt I will. I just tested this, and what you stated seems accurate, when you select a rating, the rubric assigns the highest possible points for that rating's range.

I checked the guide for this, and found, "By default, rubric ratings are created as individual point values. If you want to create a point range instead, click the Range checkbox [1]. Ranges allow you to assign a rating for a range of point options instead of just one point value.

When enabled, the first rating (full marks) shows the total point value in a range format [2]. Each rating displays a maximum and minimum point value. For each rating, the maximum value is assigned as the point value."

I can only suggest that you create a new Idea Conversation asking that ranges work as ranges, and perhaps learn the reasoning for the current functionality.

What I am really hoping is that someone else comes along and tells us that we were doing it all wrong! There are several ideas already created pertaining to rubric ranges, so check them out.



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