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Rubric Resizing

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In Speedgrader, is there a way to shrink the size of the rubric? In order to see my entire rubric and the place to leave qualitative remarks, I have to move the rubric screen so far to the left that it shrinks the student submission until it's nearly illegible. Ideally, I'd be able to see both the student submission and the full rubric together. As it is now, the rubric is much bigger than it needs to be for scoring/commenting. Actually, it became worse just today; I assume Canvas made an update to the rubrics, but as a result of the update the rubric scoring is much more unwieldy. 

I've included a screenshot to illustrate the problem:

285646_rubric size.png

Any insight is much appreciated!

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Please keep us posted because I'm interested to hear if you receive the same response I received.

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Thanks for posting this.  It looks like recently the rubric boxes are even bigger, making the problem worse!  Would love to see this improved.  

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Ugh. Just ugh. I am very frustrated with the recent change that made the grading rubrics so unwieldy. There can be no way that a human looked at this before approving this change.

Also, the problem shows up no matter what browser I use.

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What a pain. Yet another thing for our faculty to complain directly to our provost about. Can't say I blame them.

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Thanks  @brysonroad ‌ for posting this as our instructors have been complaining about this too.

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Very cumbersome for our teachers. It makes educators not want to use robust rubrics!

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FYI - erinhallmark has  posted a comment here that, basically, states to keep an eye on this Feature Idea for updates.  Interestingly, I've come across faculty with another issue:  they  have trouble clicking-and-dragging the rubric, to begin with.  (I admit I've fumbled with those controls more than once myself.)  Let's hope there's a keyboard accessible way to access them in the future, too.

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I know that this was fixed - thank you, Canvas.  I also wanted to mention how very much I hate the new rubric style. Instead of marking a selection by turning it colored, the new rubric underlines the selected criteria. I am finding it much more difficult to track everything I have graded in this new style.  Does anyone else agree?  Or am I alone in this preference?

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Has there been any movement on this issue? We're seeing the same thing. Gigantic rubric and tiny document.

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Our ticket for this issue is #03760105.