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Score Box Value

When I click in the score box (Grade out of 100) in speed grader, a dropdown list of values appears (10, 60, 100, etc.) 

Until yesterday, the six values I used repeatedly populated.  This morning I updated my computer, and the values disappeared.  But then, I started grading, and each time I advanced one student, the dropdown list grew back to six values.  However, the values are not the ones I need repeatedly. 

I spoke with my Canvas Support, and he said he believes Chrome stores the values, not Canvas. I’ve searched for two hours on Canvas Community and Google and cannot find anything to explain where the scores are kept.

I hope you can tell me where to find those values, and perhaps how to change them.   

I've attached two images. One shows an empty box.  The other shows the dropdown list. 

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Community Coach

Hi there, @rrafferty ...

I tend to agree with the Canvas Support representative that you spoke with.  The screenshots you've shared definitely look like those values are being stored by your Chrome browser and not by Canvas.  I am not 100% certain of this, but it almost looks like those are being stored by Chrome's auto-fill settings.  But, if you get rid of them, I don't know how to bring them back...other than to type them in again and hope that that appear the next time you are grading.  If you had cleared your browser history/cache, for example, these values may have disappeared.

Sorry that I don't have better news for you, but I hope this has helped a bit to answer your question.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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I now have half a solution. Here is my progress so far. 

I cleared the Chrome cache/browsing data—no change, which eliminates this as a potential solution.

Then, I cleared the Chrome autofill, closed and reopened the browser, opened Speed Grader, and – wa la – the dropdown values disappeared.  This result confirms Chrome (not Canvas) stores the score values.

Next, I closed everything, reopened the browser, opened Speed Grader, and entered the values I use the most.

Finally, I closed and reopened everything again, expecting to see those values.  But they were not there, and I am not sure why.  Chrome autofill is on.  The Chrome information indicates autofill saves and populates (a) passwords, (b) payment methods, and (c) addresses, and more (there is ‘no more’ beyond adding addresses).

So, now that I’m confident Chrome stores the values,  my challenges are (a) determine where the score values show up in Chrome autofill, (b) how the dropdown box in Canvas connects to Chrome autofill, and (c) how to change the score values to something I can use. 

Hi @rrafferty ...

Thanks for doing all that testing and reporting back.  I'm, by no means, an expert on how the auto-fill option works in browsers, but here's my semi-educated guess.  I'm going to use filling out my address when making a purchase as an example.  If I were to make a purchase on a website, it asks me for my name, address, etc.  If I've never visited the site before (or even if I have, but yet I've recently cleared my browsing history/cache), I have to enter in that information.  Then, assuming that I've not cleared my history/cache in a while, if I come back to that site again to make another purchase, there's a chance that it might allow me to auto-fill those fields because my browser knows I filled them in once before...but only because I *submitted* my order.  I *think* that's the key here with your process.  You indicated:

Next, I closed everything, reopened the browser, opened Speed Grader, and entered the values I use the most.

But...did you actually submit/save the grade for the student?  If not (meaning, you just typed in the score and then left the page), I don't believe that's going to be enough for Chrome to remember what you typed that value can be used later on.  I also don't think you can just change those value in the drop-down.  You would have to enter them in the score and save grade.

Like I said, this is a semi-educated guess...and I've love to be wrong on any of this.  So, I would welcome comments from anyone who knows more about the inner workings of browser behavior and storing values for later use.

Hope this help a bit...

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I apologize for not providing all the details of my testing.  I did enter grades (scores), saved them, and confirmed they were in the grade book. 

Since my last posting, I went on with grading.  During 40 assignments the dropdown never populated.  I took a break (well, sort of, I mowed the lawn).  When I returned, I logged into Canvas and started to grade when I noticed the dropdown box populated with three weird scores (18.2, 179, and 13.8).  I have never used those numbers. 

So, I’m still digging…