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Shuffling the stimulus and its associated questions

This has been asked but not answered... perhaps because it can't be done and perhaps because the question hasn't been asked as specifically as needed: 

I (and lots of other instructors) want to randomly assign different stimului to students and have the appropriate associated follow the stimulus. Specifically:

Create Stimulus A, Stimulus B, Stimulus C

Attach questions A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 to stimulus A

Attach questions B1 B2 B3  B4 B5 to stimulus B

Attach questions C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 to stimulus C

Be able to randomly assign Stimulus A, B, or C and their associated questions to students in the class.

In my case, A, B, and C will differ only in the specific numbers in the stimulus and so the answers to A1 to A5 will be different from the answers to B1 to B5 because of their different inputs. 

Alternately, I'd like to be able to create 3 separate versions of the quiz and randomly assign those 3 versions to the students. This would serve the same purpose for me as above and is not the same as choosing individual questions from a bunch of question banks. 

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Hello @pdaves 

I understand that you have some questions about using stimulus content in new quizzes. 

If I understand you correctly, you would like to have a set of questions associated with three different stimuli. 

You can have three different stimuli attached to questions in new quizzes. You would simply just create or add the stimulus content into the new quiz and then attach your questions to each of them. 

There is an option in new quizzes to have it randomize the questions, but this will just simply randomize where the questions are that are attached to the stimulus content. So questions for Stimulus A will all appear in order of how they are attached to the stimulus content. You can also add stimulus content to item banks, which would be another way to randomize it.... However, questions attached to the stimulus content are not automatically added to the item bank and must be added manually.

As far as having the quizzes randomly assigned to students, I was not able to find any information on how you could do that. Each new quiz will allow you to manually assign "everyone" or even individual students and sections to the quiz. Canvas does not have the ability to randomly assign quizzes to students in the course unless you are using a performance based system such as mastery paths. 

Hopefully this helps! 

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Thanks @ColtonSwapp for responding. It looks like you said I could have up to 3 different stimulus questions with questions associated with each stimulus/question group in an exam, but that's not exactly what I asked. I'd like to know whether I could do the following:

Stimulus A and 20 questions associated with stimulus A

Stimulus B and 20 questions associated with stimulus B

Stimulus C and 20 questions associated with stimulus C

And then some questions taken at random from some other question banks.

Each student's test would have EITHER A and its questions, OR B and its questions, OR C and its questions. But not all 3. How do I create a quiz like this? In my case, the Stimulus A, B and C would be financial statements with different numbers and students would answer questions about only one set. But since there are 3 different versions, it is less likely that their neighbor will get the same stimulus and therefore have the same answers.