Students cannot reattempt a quiz set to unlimited attempts

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I have a "quiz" set to unlimited attempts and "build on last attempt".  A few students got an error message on a successive attempt and can't access the quiz again.  They can only view previous attempts and their current attempt which triggers the error has no link in moderate and it says "No Score". 

I tried it myself as a test student and ran into the same issue after my 3rd attempt.  It was only after I reset the test student and tried again was I able to successfully reattempt the quiz at least 5 times with no issues.  

What can I do so my students can attempt the quiz again? 

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Community Coach

Hi @taylorm2,

I think this is something that would need to go to Canvas Support to investigate and fix a potential underlying issue.  I don't know of anything an instructor or student could specifically do to remedy this, as it sounds like a bug based on your description.


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