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Text to long for the built-in editor Canvas

I have a teacher who wants to create a curriculum in the built-in editor in Canvas, but she's told that the curriculum is too long and that she can't save and publish it.
She can see that there are 1552 words in the curriculum.
Can you somehow change how many words such a curriculum can be?

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@kewo1 ...

I'm not aware of any limit to the length of a content page within Canvas.  (Though, I'd be happy to be wrong.)  I also don't see anything about limits in this Guide:

How do I add and modify text in the Rich Content E... - Instructure Community (

(By the way, the "built-in editor" you refer to is called the Rich Content Editor ... or RCE.)

Has your teacher considered breaking down the page into separate content pages?  I ask because you should also be considering mobile users...especially those using smart phones and tablets.  As you may know, what might look really great on a desktop/laptop computer will take lots and lots of scrolling on a mobile device...much more scrolling than you would do on a desktop/laptop computer.  So, if your teacher can somehow break down the current page into smaller chunks, that might be a more welcoming experience for all involved.

Hope this helps a bit!

I would echo what Chris is saying. I have one page that the RCE menu's Word Count tool says is 1800 words. Your coworker should not be having an issue. However, to go along with Chris's comment, is your coworker creating a Page, Assignment, Discussion, Quiz... I am also not aware of character limits on Pages, but maybe they are using something other than pages.

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Out teacher get this erro on image001.png:



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This looks weird for sure. Not sure why it is highlighting just that spot in the table. It makes me wonder if something else is going on beyond the word count.

Any chance you could have them share the content. Here would be one easy way:

  1. Go into Edit mode.
  2. Click on the HTML editor option. It looks like < / > in the bottom right below the text window.
  3. Select All, then copy and paste into something like a Word document.
  4. Upload the word document to this conversation.

I'd be curious to see if it does the same thing on my end.

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Now that I see the image, I'm wondering if there is a translation issue. By "curriculum" does @kewo1 perhaps mean "column" or field/cell? The Latin root of "curriculum" is "course," as in a race course.

Is the error message in relation to putting too much content into a column or cell rather than on the whole Page?