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Turn off inbox messaging or get it forwarded

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I really do not want to check Canvas and my email for student questions. How can I either disable inbox messages or have them forwarded to my email account?

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 @alfredo_alcanta ​, the Canvas Inbox does not currently have an away message or vacation responder capability. If this is a feature that you would like to see implemented, you might want to write up a submission to Canvas Feature Ideas​, using the guidelines in this document to write your request: How to write a good feature idea submission

We'd like to pursue this option.  Is this option something that still exists?

 @relton_mcburrow , yes, you would need to contact the CSM for your Institution about getting the Inbox turned off.

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Thank you!  Our CMS wasn't aware on this feature. Can we get some guidance as to how to enable? Our district is looking for an immediate long term solution for eliminating student use of the Inbox (Canvas Messaging).

Your CSM should be able to talk to some of the other CSM's or their supervisor to get information on how to do this. I'll also ping someone higher up to see if they can help. Smiley Happy

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Great! He's doing just that right now. I also reached out to Jeremy to see if he had some info to add.

Awesome! Sounds like you are moving in the right direction to get this taken care of!

I just want to clarify for everyone that this feature is an opt-in feature. Here is the actual description associated with the feature flag.

Allow users to opt out of the Conversation's Inbox. This will cause all conversation messages and notifications to be sent as ASAP notifications to the user's primary email, hide the Conversation's Inbox unread messages badge on the Inbox, and hide the Conversation's notification preferences.

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Just FYI, if you have notifications set to receive an e-mail when a student sends you a Canvas message, then you can simply reply to the e-mail from within your e-mail client (We use Outlook) and it will "reply" to the student's Canvas message.   This is my setup and I don't have to check 2 places. I simply reply to everything from within my e-mail client.

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Community Coach

Thanks for the clarification  @jperkins !