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Unable to add any assignments in discussion

Canvas is difficult to use as too many images from previous classes getting notices that I have exceeded the limit,  and now my current classes, 0there is no more room to post images discussion on Canvas. The homework is due.


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@AprilKeller ...

Could you please provide some more details about your question?  For starters, are you an instructor or a student?  If you are an instructor, are you creating content in your course from scratch?  Or did you copy (import) content from a previous course into your own course?  Do you have files in your "Files" screen that are not being used that you need to get rid of?  Any extra details that you might be able to provide would be helpful...thank you!

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@Chris_Hofer  I believe that @AprilKeller is a student. I've had a student in a similar situation. She had completely filled up her storage and was unable to update her profile photo. We could never figure out how to clear out all of the misc. files she had saved.