Unicheck giving errors on some submissions but not others

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Some assignment submissions are getting a black exclamation mark error in Unicheck instead of a plagiarism score. When we click on the exclamation mark, it says "Cloud storage file download failed"

They suggested that we try disabling Unicheck for the assignments, saving, then re-enabling and saving. So we did that.
This change resolved the issue on one assignment in one course, but not on another assignment in a different course.
We've filed  tickets with both Unicheck and Canvas, including more specific details about the courses and students for debugging purposes, but I wanted to ask here as well.

Is there any kind of configuration within Canvas that I should be looking at? I checked the External Apps page under Settings (accounts/1/settings/configurations), but it didn't look like Unicheck has any configuration settings I can change. (Note that we only have one account.)
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I looked into this and it seems this is something that would need to be looked at on the Unicheck side of things. If for any reason they are unable to resolve the issue please reach out to Canvas support with your case number provided by Unicheck so we can escalate this and look into this further for you.

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