speedgrader feature question: Can we add student's total score field to speedgrader?

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This innovation is proposed by Professor David Halahmy at Cypress College:

 It would be very helpful to have the overall grade of a student visible while you are on Speedgrader.  Currently, if you want to see the overall grade of your students as you are grading an assignment you need to open up a separate window.  Having the overall student grade visible as you are grading each assignment allows the instructor to quickly see how the current graded assignment impacts the student's overall grade.   An instructor would be able to leave comments such as 'you need an "A" on the final to make an "A" in the class"  or "You are border line C/D, see me for help"    I believe this innovation on Speedgrader will make it easier instructors promote student sucess. 


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Hello @terrygleason 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with the Speedgrader not displaying the student's totals while entering grades for a particular assignment. We understand the need and want to have some type of option to see the student's total while  in Speedgrader, but currently it isn't set up that way. There is the option to custom create something like this by contacting your CSM, but that would require a custom built tool as we do not have anything like this as a feature currently or coming up in a release, although we certainly understand and it is a good idea. Their best work around is keeping the gradebook open in a separate tab for quick reference while grading students. 

Feel free to check out our Ideas Conversation forum as we implement great ideas such as this that we find within the community. 


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