How do I view my subject as an instructor?

This lesson applies to users at institutions that have enabled the Canvas for Elementary user interface.

You can use Subject Navigation tabs to view your Canvas for Elementary subject. You can also manage your subject and view the subject as a student.

Note: If you do not have an active enrollment in a Canvas for Elementary subject, the classic Course view displays.

Open Subject

Open Subject

In Global Navigation, click the Subjects link [1], then click the name of the course [2].

View Subject Settings

As an instructor, you can manage your subject or view the subject as a student from any subject tab.

To manage subject content or subject settings, click the Manage Subject button [1].

To view the subject as a test student, click the Student View button [2].

View Subject Home Page

In the Home tab [1], you may view, edit, or add subject announcements [2]. If one or more subject announcements have been posted in the last two weeks, the most recent announcement displays by default.

You can also view and manage your customized subject Home page [3].

View Subject Modules

In the Modules tab [1], you can manage modules and module items for your subject [2]. You can also set module prerequisites, add requirements, and publish or unpublish a module.

To view details for a module item, click the item's title [4].

Learn more about Modules.

Note: By default, the Modules tab does not display to students if the subject does not include modules.

View Subject Schedule

In the Schedule tab [1], you can view the Schedule Preview [2]. The Schedule Preview displays an example of how schedule items display to a student.

Each item displays the item name [3], number of points (if points have been assigned) [4], and the due date [5].

Each item also displays an icon to differentiate between different assignment types and other items in the Schedule [6].

Learn more about student schedules.

View Subject Grades

In the Grades tab [1], students can view their subject grades.

As an instructor, you can open the gradebook by clicking the View Gradebook button [2].

View Subject Resources

In the Resources tab [1], you can view important information you have added to your subject [2]. To edit Important Info, click the Edit icon [3].

Student applications that have been added to the subject display in the Student Applications section [4].


  • If the Important Info section does not display, content has not been added to the section.
  • If the Student Applications section does not display, apps have not been added to the subject.
  • If student applications and important information have not been added to the subject, the Resources tab does not display.

View Subject Groups

In the Groups tab [1], students can view subject groups.

As an instructor, you can manage groups by clicking the Manage Groups button [2].

Note: By default, the Groups tab does not display to students if the subject does not include any active groups.

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