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InstructureCon 2020 Venue/Date?

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At this time last year, there was a lot more chatter about the dates/locations for InstructureCon19. Now, I know that we knew that Keystone had reached its capacity and the contract was up....or at least that's what I was hearing.

Has anyone heard if Long Beach is happening again? Was there a multiyear contract signed? I've heard nothing. Really enjoyed my time in Long Beach but it was much easier to cover and explore the area and check everything off the list than Keystone. Would love a scenery update for next year!



 InstructureCon 2020

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It's an awesome resort, great area for some fun scavenger hunts as well, LOL! For me in Memphis, TN it's like...oh, great Nashville- LOL.

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 @Kevin_W , from what I've heard last Friday (at the Wisconsin CanvasCon) there is no confirmed location for InstructureCon 2020. I have heard there is a multi-year contract, but not specifically for Long Beach, but with the company that owns the Long Beach conference center, as well as many other conference centers around the US. 

I'm sure as soon as the information is available it will get posted in the Community, Instructure web page, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. 🙂


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Thanks,  @kona ! That's good information!

Here is the list of the convention centers they manage. Plenty of choices!

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Hello All, 

Any updates on date/location of the next InstructureCon?

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Rumor has it that it might be in Knoxville, TN -, but I cannot confirm that.

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Word on the street is it will be July 28-30 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville. See you there!

It's an awesome resort, great area for some fun scavenger hunts as well, LOL! For me in Memphis, TN it's like...oh, great Nashville- LOL.

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Was wondering why google suggested "Nashville" when I searched Instructurecon 2020 last week.

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The Save the Date page is now live: 

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Just looked at Opryland booking and it says no availability. Hoping Instructure has blocked off all the rooms and will be releasing them soon. 

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You are correct in your assumption,  @Kevin_W ‌; Instructure has reserved blocks for those dates, and the rooms will be available at a conference rate. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.

Yay! Thanks for the link and info, stefaniesanders! Do we know when details (prices, etc) are typically released so I can try to get conference funding from my school? 

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Scratch that. It looks like past registrations usually go live in January

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I was so disappointed to hear it would be in Tennessee, since California won't pay for its employees to go to states that have laws that discriminate against the LGBT community.

Hopefully next year, the conference will be in a state that isn't on the banned list.

 @acolvin ‌, thanks for this feedback. Many of our customers have asked us to hold this event in different parts of the country, which is why we're holding InstCon in Nashville in 2020. We recognize that many of our friends in California may be unable to join us at that event (as you referenced, this is due to California’s Assembly Bill 1887 which prohibits state-sponsored travel to select states). But we will be holding an event for our growing customer base in the Golden State on Friday, September 18, 2020 in Palm Springs. Please be on the lookout for details!

Thanks for the response, Stephanie!

I just passed that information on to my department coordinator and we are going to add it to our calendar!

Hey there! It's been a couple of months - is there any additional information about the Palm Springs shindig yet?

We had some folks asking about it at a recent meeting.

 @acolvin ‌, it's my understanding that more information about the Palm Springs event will be available in March.

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We at Del Mar College in Texas are looking forward to more details for InstructureCon 2020! We have a professional development planning coming up soon and hope to see some additional information soon.

Cheers to a great 2020!

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Howdy Janet; it's live now: 

Happy planning!

Sky V.

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Wow.. many years.. The last time I was there in Long Beach, was the Times the Rapper Snoop Dogg was there with his people the keep the parties going. My Military friends had told me that they were having a weekend party, in  Back yard Barbeque, because Snoop Dogg and his people were coming over. 

But my last time I stop going over to the Long Beach area was when the Long Beach Police pulled me over and made me get out of my car, because, they were informed that a white man had beaten up his girlfriend and took her car. So as I was standing outside of my car, on the side of the little bridge, the police officer (Who was shaking in his has) ask me for my California Driver License, I gave him my U.S. Military card at the same time. That's when the Police officer whole attitude change into a person who knows other U. S. Military Police Officers and took me as not a threat, seeing that My Military looks original like his military friends. A since I was not a white man, they plainly see the I was not the person who they were looking for. So, that's when the Long Beach Police officer started talking to me, like an old friend, to the point, we were laying back to the police car, talking, while the cars where driving over the bridge, looking at us talking and looking at them, as they were looking at us, as if, you can read their eyes wondering why this Long Beach Police, is just standing there at on the Long beach police are there looking at there, looking at them.  

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