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Lamplighter II
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A curated list of CanvasLMS Community and Open Source contributions.

Inspired by GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome: Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics (

For more information see CanvasLMS Awesome List Contributions




Canvas Guides
The complete list of guides for all users and roles, from Student to Parent, and everyo...

Canvas Admin

Canvas Instructor

Instructional Design

Canvas Mobile

Canvas Theme Editor

Canvas API

Canvas Data

Canvas GraphQL

Canvas Live Events

Open Source LTI

  • CUOnline/sandbox Ruby LTI tool that generates sandbox courses in Canvas
  • CUOnline/SandboxCore An ASP.NET Core implementation of the Sandbox Course functionality.
  • CIDI/kennethware-2.0 Tools to facilitate rapid course development in Instructure Canvas.
  • ets-berkeley-edu/suitec SuiteC is a set of LTI-compliant tools optimized to work with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).
  • ucfopen/UDOIT The Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool, or UDOIT (pronounced, “You Do It”) enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in Canvas by Instructure. It will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues
  • Materia Engage students by embedding interactive apps into your Canvas modules or assignments. Materia comes with a library of games, surveys, and simulations; each is easily customized by faculty to fit their course. Developing new apps for Materia is easy and streamlined.

Open Source LTI Development

Lamplighter II

I spoke with Stefanie about this awhile back when I first put this on my todo list. Since the list doesn't require 'code', and can go beyond code. I've included some items which are just discussions, theory, documentation, and courses. The reason for choosing Meta Community, was that anyone in the community (Meta Community Group) can edit the doc, while others (eg. Instructional Designers, Admins), might not be in the Developer Group.

This is not my document, I am not the maintainer. More on that here 

Community Team
Community Team

OK, that makes sense to me.  Thanks!

Explorer III

Hi, A lot of the links in the Canvas Admin section don't work! 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

HI @b_w_reid I suspect they may be victims of moving to a new community platform. Hopefully they will be restored soon.

Adventurer II

@robotcars  I am extremely humbled that a set of my contributions made it to your list. When Canvas Data 2 comes out I'll be sure to contribute entries using that schema.

@scottdennis  - as the following resources may still be of value to someone, do you supposed the blog entries below can be brought over from the prior community? The links below are from the Tableau section above.  I entered *** next to the two that are more complex where the detailed explanation is useful.  These have a high potential of helping others.  


The Early Warning Report - 

Early Warning

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately we still had access to the old site from August 7th when we flipped the switch until Jan 1st but then our platform provider took down the old Jive site and we no longer have a way to go back in and grab content.   Hopefully Robert and folks like him who still have useful content like this will be willing and able to share again.

Lamplighter II

@Jeff_F I'm extremely grateful for your contributions. I'd never used Tableau before tinkering with Canvas Data, your posts were enormously helpful in getting started.

When CanvasData2 is out, maybe we can run a points challenge to get people to recontribute key concepts with the new schema.

This entire document needs to be updated and curated for what survived the migration or had the URL that changed. 

@scottdennis I can't see permissions in the Edit option as with Jive. Is this document still editable to anyone in the MetaCommunity group? Anyone should be able to edit this.



Community Team
Community Team

Hey @robotcars 

Just to be sure I understand correctly, you would like for anyone who joins the Community Users Group (we changed it from Meta because that named confused some people as to the group's purpose) so be able to edit this resource, correct?

Lamplighter II

Hi @scottdennis,

Anyone in the community really, unless you have concerns. In Jive the only option was to allow members of this group to edit this thread. However that can be done in Khoros works for me. The document should be edited and curated by the community as it creates and finds resources/answers/solutions that need a lasting bookmark and a place for discovering those contributions.

Community Team
Community Team

Looking at options now...