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When I first heard that Canvas would *finally* add multiple due dates to discussions, I was hoping it'd solve a huge problem I have in my classes, and that I know from talking to fellow faculty members is a common pain point.

What we had *hoped* we'd get is the ability to set more than one due date to a discussion post. We want to be able to say that students have to post at least twice: the first time by one date, and the second by a date a few days later. 

Instead it appears that we're getting a feature that lets us assign one due date to one subgroup of students, and a different date to another subgroup? I'm not going to claim that there aren't faculty that will find this implementation useful, but is there any hope for getting the feature described above?

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Thank you all for your feedback! Since current functionality allows more than one due date for different students, sections, or groups of students, we have been referring to the new feature (currently in discovery) as "Checkpoints." This feature is intended to work as you described: one due date for initial replies to the Discussion topic and a separate due date for the response(s). I hope this helps! 

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Here is my workaround for two due dates.

I embedded a quiz inside the discussion board. The quiz has a Wednesday due date, while the discussion board has a Sunday due date.



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