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Treat zeros as ungraded for both teacher and student views

Treat zeros as ungraded for both teacher and student views

Choosing for a gradebook to treat ungraded assignments as zeros should set that as the default to the grades view students see.
Surveyor II

So are you saying that you'd want a zero automatically entered after a certain number of days passed and the assignment was ungraded?

Explorer III

Nope.  Currently, if an instructor chooses to "treat ungraded assignments as zero" in a courses gradebook, students have to manually uncheck a box to not "calculate only based on graded assignments" to see the same grade total in the course that the instructor sees; to be on the same page as the instructor concerning the grade they are earning in a course.  The default on the student side is a check in the box regardless of the setting chosen by the instructor.  If an instructor chooses to ungraded to equal zero, the check should leave the box on the student's view of their grade calculation by default... otherwise, they are setup for a fall, thinking their grade is higher seeing it as inflated not including zeros on assignments.


Would love to see this request find more attention. As it stands the "treat ungraded assignments as zero" is misleading, and I have found inconsistencies in how "drop the lowest X scores" works when enabling the "treats ungraded assignments as zero" is enabled. Also, I've been told in a Canvas help ticket that this setting is meant to be per-session...meaning you have to turn it back on every time you log into Canvas with a new session. Too many problems here!

Community Team
Community Team

I'd find this particularly helpful as the end of a course approaches. Recently, I set my Gradebook to "treat ungraded assignments as zero" when there were about five days left in a course, hoping to spur the remaining participants into action, and was dismayed to discover that the setting only affects my Gradebook view--and as​ notes above, only for that session. I wound up sending students a message telling them to toggle their own "calculate only based on graded assignments" checkbox in their Grades view, but it's hard to know how many of them actually did that.

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Totally agreed. It being the end of the semester some of the newer (to using Canvas) faculty and their students have expressed some serious displeasure to find out they were misunderstanding grades.

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In order to keep an accurate grade for my students I go in and enter a zero after the due date for all students who haven't completed the assignment.  Usually by using the set default grade after I have finished grading everyone else's or while in SpeedGrader just entering a zero (this way I can include a comment as well).  It would be better to be able to check "treat ungraded assignments as zero" like stefaniesanders​ does as the semester approaches or implement this feature: so that a zero is auto entered after the due date that way a teacher doesn't have to remember to enter the zero and students always have an accurate reflection of their grade in the course.

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Hey all,

I completely agree that this verbiage and action is confusing. We are working on a design for better verbiage and a cleaner solution to this problem.

I want to make sure we agree on what the problem is. To me it has two parts.

Teachers don't want to have to hunt through the gradebook to award zeros to the assignments that are missing or late.

Teachers want to be able to see what a student's grade might be if they didn't turn in any of the missing assignments (I'm told this is the original reason for the feature). The verbiage for "treat ungraded as zero" implies that the grade is actually being awarded and doesn't clearly indicate that the teacher is the only one seeing these zeroes being awarded (students don't see the zeros).

What do you all think? Would you agree that those are the primary problems?

Community Team
Community Team

Hey Deactivated user​, thanks for articulating the clarification. I see this as three separate requests, only one of which is covered by the idea under discussion here.

(1) The current "Treat ungraded as zeros" function should be accompanied by clear verbiage that this is a hypothetical exercise that does not actually give zero grades to any students.

(2) Teachers should have a tool that allows them to assign zeros to all students across the Gradebook (ideally, since many teachers award zeros in a timely fashion as they grade each assignment, this functionality would only come to play toward the end of a semester and would be more of a "just-in-case-I-missed-something" exercise).

(3) Teachers should be able check "what-if" grades for an individual student just the way students can:  How do I check my What-If Grades? (The old community had a feature request for this--"What If" Student Grading View for Instructors and Administrators : Help Center --but I couldn't find one here in the new community.)

Is this how others who've contributed to this discussion see it playing out?

Community Team
Community Team

Sorry, Deactivated user​, I meant that reply to go to you. :smileyconfused:

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