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Can analytics improve instructional design?

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Abigail Evans

University of Washington - HigherEd

Some Canvas courses are more effective than others for teaching and learning. How can you help instructors make the most of Canvas features? We are exploring ways to use analytics to identify instructors who might benefit from instructional design pointers and provide automatic, personalized assistance as they work in Canvas.

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Hi  @abievans  just letting you know that this session is listed for Thursday, July 21st at 10 AM on the website, but in my Android  InstructureCon app it is listed on Wednesday, July 20th at 10 AM instead of Thursday. I have another session already picked for Wednesday at 10 AM. Can you please confirm that this one is taking place on Thursday and if so, is it possible to update the app so that I can finalize my schedule? Thank you!

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Hi Katerina, The website is correct - the session is Thursday the 21st at 10 am. I am not affiliated with Instructure so I can't update the app but I have contacted them to let them know that Android app is showing the wrong day.

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Thanks,  @abievans ​. They fixed the app. I was able to add this session to my Thursday schedule. Looking forward to attending it!

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Wait... there is an app? Is it available for the iPhone? What is it called?


It's called "InstructureCon Conference App" by "CampusM".  I believe it's for both Android and iPhone.

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iPhone link:

InstructureCon Conference App on the App Store

Android link:

InstructureCon Conference App - Android Apps on Google Play

Search the app store specific to your device.

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Thank you! I hope to see y'all at the conference!

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Great session, thanks, Abi! Looking forward to seeing how instructors improve their online course site design.