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Game Night (instcon16)

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Gamers gotta game. Players gotta play. We’re talking world domination, saving the planet from viral outbreaks, solving puzzles crafted by spirits of the dead, and fighting demons in mythical worlds along side your friends.


Bring your friends or make new ones. Bring your favorite board game, or play one of ours. We'll meet from 8pm-11pm (or later if we can get a game of Werewolf going). Have some fun, stay up late and roll the die. Odds are you’ll have a good time.




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Yeah! Now I just have to make sure I leave room in my luggage for games. Hm, maybe I'll take a second suitcase Smiley Wink

See you there!!

Learner II

The real reason we are driving​ and​---space to bring the board games Smiley Happy

Surveyor II

Ha ha! Good thinking! I want you on my team though. I don't want to face you in any competition after what I've experienced in the Great Canvas Community Points Pursuit.

Surveyor II

I'll pack Scrabble and Bananagrams for the wordies.   Apples to Apples and Jenga for funzies.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Would it be worthwhile to start a shared document or spreadsheet so it's easier to keep track of who's-bringing-what?

Community Coach
Community Coach

If you can find room in your suitcase(s) for games, add it here​!


I will see if I can borrow "exploding kittens" off my daughter.... its the NSFW version however.

Adventurer II

I LOVE Carcassonne!! So glad to hear someone is bringing it!

Learner II

If your kitten explodes and you can't successfully borrow it, I have the regular version I can toss in.