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Community Coach

Missing out on InstructureCon

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Similar to Deactivated user​, I'm missing out on InstructureCon for baby reasons! Granted my little bundle of Jones joy hasn't arrived yet, but you can probably tell from the picture that the little one could come at any time! I've been trying to following along the best I can by watching the Keynote live feeds, following the Twitter feed, looking at the amazing pictures (is it really that beautiful??), and reading all the awesome blog posts! Thank you to everyone for helping me to feel a little bit better about missing out on the BEST CONFERENCE OF THE YEAR... Smiley Wink!! Looking forward to watching video of the presentations and catching up with everyone next year!



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Community Team
Community Team

We really miss you,  @kona ​!  People have been asking where you are!!!!

Sitting at work... wishing I was there!!! The pictures people are posting are just amazing and it looks like people are having a great time!

They are!  Mitch's keynote will be streamed!  I hope you get to watch, and feel like you're part of all the kumbayawesome fun!

Yep, I've got it on my calendar so I'll remember to tune in!

I'm sure everyone was keeping an eye out for you... "Ohhhh... I wonder if we can find the gal who answers all of our questions and likes our comments and makes us feel so connected to the community, and has a bajillion points!" But I guess stefaniesanders​ fits that description as well! Were the mobs rushing up to you Stefanie?! If not, I bet it's b/c they're nervous. Sometimes it's hard to go up and introduce yourself to a celebrity! 😉

Deactivated user​, mobs sometimes! It was almost overwhelming, but at the same time, great fun. And you're right, on several occasions  @Renee_Carney ​ facilitated introductions for people who were too shy to approach me directly (which, by the way, mind blown right here about that). :smileysilly:

Hi Renee:

Where can we find the recorded video materials from InstructureCon2016?


Sue Yeo

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @syeo , these aren't available yet, but when they are they will be posted on CanvasLMS - YouTube and in the Community under InstructureCon 2016 Video Content

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Kona:)