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Learner II

Hacking Rubrics Experience

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This was another packed session breaking all the fire codes. I was again on the floor...but this time, at an angle so precarious that I had no hope of seeing the slides. The speakers were also behind I didn't catch all of what was said. I also spilled my (kumbayawesome) blue water bottle while on the floor... I wasn't having the best of luck... But these great presenters provided a link to the slides! So I can now give that to you all, fellow campers--even if my notes would otherwise be umm lacking... Thanks rubric presenters! I then chose a session in the same room so I could get dibs on a chair Smiley Happy

Link to the slides:



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Floor seat or not... the important thing is you were there and it seemed like you got some great take-aways! Thanks for blogging about the experience and posting the links to the slide deck. Just went through the session and WOWZAH! Lots of great information jam-packed into those slides!! Smiley Happy