How to Light a Fire and Build an LTI

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How to Light a Fire and Build an LTI (3 hours)

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Kevin Hansen

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Implementation Team

It takes a little more than rubbing two sticks together to light a fire. But once you get a spark, the rest is easy. Building an LTI is (kind of) similar. This technical session will guide you through a step-by-step process to build and integrate a basic LTI for Canvas. (Seats are limited.) Click to Register ($195)


Hello campers! I am looking forward to this workshop.  It is a topic I've wanted to dig deeper into for a while now. I think this will be a fun adventure in learning and building.

This workshop is designed to teach even non-programmers how to develop and LTI tool. That being said, it will not be a passive "sit and learn" slow-paced session.  It be very hands-on and we will be moving quickly through the basics so we can create some cool tools. Attendees should expect to come out of it not only knowing how LTI development works, but with several working LTI tools.  There will be programming involved and some (not extensive) command-line stuff.  Don't worry, I'll be walking everyone through each step, but you should have some experience with HTML and web development.

Programming Language

python_sh-600x6001.pngWe will be programming in Python. I know, I know. There are so many choices and you may have expected me to choose Ruby or NodeJS, or some other new-fangled cool language.  The fact of the matter is that the concepts you learn will transfer to any language and I just had to pick one. We will not have time to spend learning Python itself beyond the essentials so it is crucial that you come with some basics already learned. However, you do not need to install python on your computer before arriving because we will be using web-based programming tools (see below).

To prepare for using Python, please complete as much of the Codeacademy Python course as you can. Please send me your completion certificate if you finish it.

LTI App Hosting (Cloud 9)

68d4fbb2f53112a4182440e2054ccb40.pngAll LTI apps must be hosted online somewhere. To simplify the process of doing this in the workshop, we will be using Cloud 9 (​) for programming and for temporary hosting of our LTI apps. Each of you will need to signup for a free account at Cloud 9​.

PreFlight Checklist (Do these things before you get to the workshop)

Here is a checklist of things that I would like each of you to do before arriving at the workshop:

  1. Follow to this page using the "Follow" button
  2. Go through as much of the Codeacademy Python course
  3. Signup for a Cloud9 account as soon as possible.
  4. Send me the Codeacademy completion certificate if you finish the CodeAcademy course
  5. Send me the email address and username you used when signing up for Cloud9.

We would love to hear from attendees! Please share any questions or thoughts you might have before, during and after the presentation!

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