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Community Coach
Community Coach

Is there any hope for lodging?

Due to awkward fiscal year situations, I haven't been able to reserve my hotel until now.  There is nothing available.  Is there a board anywhere where I can find people who are needing roommates to fill/split those large 3 and 4 bedroom units?

From what I've found on​, I need to already know the reservation confirmation # before I can sign up for shared lodging.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi! I had the same issue! I was able to find a place to stay throughFind a Bunk Mate / Online Share Board though. There are a few people looking to share accommodations! Good luck.  

Community Champion

I know Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) still has quite a few rentals available in the area too.

Community Coach
Community Coach

My college waited too long to book my room too, but they found me a room in Comfort Suites 10 minutes down the hill in Dillon CO. I am renting a car so it's not too inconvenient. Still......... having a hard time understanding why they waited because my travel was approved in March. Oh well.

If you need it 1 (970) 513-0300