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This is a challenge for  @John_Lowe ​ in response to Find a real hidden treasure!

But any geocaching-loving friend can participate!

I create a challenge for one of the following:

(1) someone in the Keystone area to place a new geocache in Keystone and leave a Canvas trinket (like a pin from the help desk); post the GC number after it is accepted in the Geocaching app.

Or, (2) create a temporary cache for the conference and post the coordinates here (with a hint).

Props if you can put either of these in Lakeside Village.


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Alright, erinhallmark​, challenge accepted!  This is an extremely easy, hidden-in-plain-sight cache just a few feet from the Adventure Center.  This will be an extremely temporary 1/1.5 cache that I'll pick up around 3:00pm today.

Find it at N39° 36'24" W105° 58'9"

Or, exit the Aventure Center toward the Lodge and Spa, find the stairs to your left, go down and look for the large metal electrical thing (but don't touch it).  Then begin your search behind that object.  This should take about 45 seconds to find if you start your quest from the Adventure Center.  Feel free to take anything and don't worry about leaving anything behind, but be sure to sign the logbook!

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