Day 02 - New Gradebook: Phase 1

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TL;DR - Join the Focus Group, Contact CSM & give feedback. It looks awesome!!

New Gradebook: Phase 1

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The major takeaways from this session were:

  • 0.5 behind feature flag now, call CSM
  • Change is hard & is really designed for those that are intrested and engaged to communicate back. Would not turn on for everyone yet.
  • Join the focus group by contacting your CSM


Phase Details:

Phase 0.5 -


Phase 1.0 -


Phase 2.0 - 


Once Phase 2.0 is complete the old Grade Book will be discontinued most likely Summer of 2018.

And here it is:


Other Cool Stuff:

  • Cool filters by module, groups & all the other awesome filters.
  • Can add individual colors for late & missing assignments.
  • Can show/hide unpublished assignments.
  • Crosshair to know which cell you are in.
  • Sorting of names & columns.
  • Late policies automations.
  • No pop up modal for grading.
  • View persistence from how it was last displayed for you.
  • No more tool tips that will cover cell above/below.
  • Multiple Notes columns allowed.
  • There will be small changes to student view of Grades.
  • Grade Change History will be unlimited.
  • Extra Credit may be later Phase 2 or in iterations after.
  • Assignment group columns & Total column are drag & drop ordering.

If I missed anything or got it wrong, please let me know in the comments!!