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Day 02 - New Gradebook: Phase 1

TL;DR - Join the Focus Group, Contact CSM & give feedback. It looks awesome!!

New Gradebook: Phase 1

Deactivated user, Instructure


The major takeaways from this session were:

  • 0.5 behind feature flag now, call CSM
  • Change is hard & is really designed for those that are intrested and engaged to communicate back. Would not turn on for everyone yet.
  • Join the focus group by contacting your CSM


Phase Details:

Phase 0.5 -


Phase 1.0 -


Phase 2.0 - 


Once Phase 2.0 is complete the old Grade Book will be discontinued most likely Summer of 2018.

And here it is:


Other Cool Stuff:

  • Cool filters by module, groups & all the other awesome filters.
  • Can add individual colors for late & missing assignments.
  • Can show/hide unpublished assignments.
  • Crosshair to know which cell you are in.
  • Sorting of names & columns.
  • Late policies automations.
  • No pop up modal for grading.
  • View persistence from how it was last displayed for you.
  • No more tool tips that will cover cell above/below.
  • Multiple Notes columns allowed.
  • There will be small changes to student view of Grades.
  • Grade Change History will be unlimited.
  • Extra Credit may be later Phase 2 or in iterations after.
  • Assignment group columns & Total column are drag & drop ordering.

If I missed anything or got it wrong, please let me know in the comments!!

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Thanks for this!  

Explorer III

I wasn't able to attend this session. Very helpful!! Thanks!!


I believe during the q&a (towards the end), it was mentioned that New Gradebook would no longer have the "treat ungraded as 0" option, which will probably eliminate a lot of confusion around what that option really does with the grades, passback to SIS, student view, etc.


You had me at "Grade Change History will be unlimited"



Although it does cause confusion, it can be a useful feature for some faculty.  But why worry about the future today.  

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Had a quick chat with Christi at the end and she also confirmed 'muting by default' (or I think choosing to post grades manually or on fixed date) will likely be in later part of phase 1. Great news!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thanks for this post; I really like how you formatted your post as well. Helps in pinpointing the important parts.


Wow, good I read this comment.  I actually highlight that feature to our professors as a useful tool- especially since our institution is implementing mid-semester grades for undergrad students.

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You mention multiple notes columns allowed - i can only have one in new gradebook i am testing - is this development for later?

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