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Hack night?

I see "hack night" on the schedule. In past years, there has been a hack night for programmers and a "course hack night" for non programmers. Will that continue thIs year? 

By the way, I fully expect to see Josh drop out of the ceiling in a tuxedo to "Extreme Ways" by Moby for his keynote.  

Note from the Community Team: Please note that we've got two active parallel discussions about Hack Night 2017 underway in this space, so please be sure to read through both, and contribute to either or both where necessary! The related conversation is at

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 @dhulsey , Atomic Jolt is co-sponsoring Hack Night with Cidi Labs this year.

I don't have much control about who will be dropping from the ceiling, but I would love to know what you (and others) think would make this event AWESOME. 

Also, here's some info for now--more to come. Hack Night, InstructureCon17 Tickets, Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite  

See you in Keystone, CO! Save the date and tell your friends!


I hope there is a course hack night!! If anyone is gauging interest, I'm Interested! hah. Smiley Happy 

Deactivated user, thanks for the feedback. I'm interpreting that you'd like a class--or maybe a piece of hacknight--that focuses on the hacks others could teach you? Is that what you mean? 


Hey Jacoba!

Yes! As  @dhulsey suggested, a course hack night for non-programmers who are interested would be pretty cool. Not sure how that looks in all actuality. I'd even be down to watch the programmers go to town if there isn't enough interest for the novice level program hack night, but I'm interested none the less. Smiley Happy 

Great info! Thanks!

At Instcon 2015 they broke the room in half with one side being a programmer/coding side and the other was a course hacks where people could just set up and share what they were doing or answer questions. That was really great.

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I've just added a discussion but while it's getting approved, here are some details. Thanks  @mjennings !

Here's what we have so far: 

  1. HackNight info is on the Atomic Jolt Facebook page--this year Atomic Jolt and Cidi Labs are co-sponsors--so head to the page and show some love. Atomic Jolt - Home | Facebook 
  2. While you're there, you can find the Hack Night details under Events--or you can skip and head straight to the source Hack Night, InstructureCon17 Tickets, Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite 
  3. Registration is free but because we don't want to run out of our super-spy-awesome-swag, let us know you are coming--there will be snacks and prizes and a cash bar. 
  4. Tell us what you want to see this year at Hack Night. You can email me or message me and let me know--I'll collect the ideas and then we'll make it super-spy-awesome together. Jacoba Behunin or

This is why we all love the OG InstaCon attendee's like  @mjennings to give us some insight into years past!

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I was there in 2015 as well and it was pretty fun to have us all on the same room and allowed for some overlap here and there.