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Hack night?

I see "hack night" on the schedule. In past years, there has been a hack night for programmers and a "course hack night" for non programmers. Will that continue thIs year? 

By the way, I fully expect to see Josh drop out of the ceiling in a tuxedo to "Extreme Ways" by Moby for his keynote.  

Note from the Community Team: Please note that we've got two active parallel discussions about Hack Night 2017 underway in this space, so please be sure to read through both, and contribute to either or both where necessary! The related conversation is at

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It is true! I will be presenting with the VP of Product from Turnitin. stefaniesanders‌, since you mention that, do you know why the schedule on the mobile app and the schedule on the conference website are different? My session does not appear on the mobile app. Smiley Sad 

I've been wondering the same thing. The App didn't sync with the Schedule I had typed out from the Event website. Smiley Sad 

Yes! I work for Atomic Jolt--just started about a month ago and LOVE it.

It's so fun to be part of this community! You'll have to stop by and

introduce yourself at the reception and hack night. My daughter is named

Dallas (so is my brother who she is named after) so I like Dallas(es).


On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 9:49 AM, <>

I will be sure to find you and say hi, Jacoba!

I have no idea,  @dhulsey , but I'll check with the Events Team to see if they can look into it.

 @dhulsey , the Events Team is working on getting that squared away.

The events team is so awesome. You are too, stefaniesanders‌! 


You bring up an interesting question,  @mjennings .  Hack Night is booked in Shevano and Red Cloud Peak at the Conference Center this year.

Shevano and Red cloud peak floor plan at the Conference Center.

This will be year number seven for me going to the conference and what has evolved into Hack Night has always been one of my favorite, most useful parts of Instructurecon.

We added a Course Hack Night component, I think it was in 2014 to be more inclusive and that seems to be more or less attractive to most people.  How would you (not just Matthew, dear readers) like to see the room laid out this year?  Do you think developers and course designers and admins should be encouraged to separate or all mix together?

Last year we had table top signs that people could write the topics they are discussing.  Some used them and some didn't, which is totally OK.  What should we do this year?

One thing I was thinking about was coming up with a series of potential topics and printing them in such a way that they could be hanging on a wall with the intent that people who want to discuss a given topic take that sign and attach it to their table top signage.  If we did that, what topics would be good?

I'm also hoping to meet you in Keystone!