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Sharing registration info/email with Instructure "partners"

Did I miss an opt-out of email sharing option when I registered for InstructureCon?  In the last 24 hours, I've probably gotten 10 emails from Instructure "partners" advertising their services and instructureCon session details.  While I appreciate partner services and everything they can do (heck, we've subscribed to EvaluationKit because of an InstCon session), I'd really prefer at least an option for Instructure not to share our name/emails automatically with these partners.  Some of these emails I've been receiving don't even give an out-out link for the future, so I'm a bit of an annoyed Panda about that for sure...

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Moles.  We've been compromised.  Remember your training. And somebody call Kenny Loggins...

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Community Coach


Remember, when you find Bb moles, feed them to the pandas!

Clint, are you going to take a ride into the danger zone?

Thanks, Jackie for confirming. It is a bit frustrating for sure, but mistakes do happen. I am finding though that I have unsubscribed from several lists after receiving the initial vendor email and then received another email from the same vendor the next day...which is...more frustrating. Is there any way for Instructure to make sure that the list is fixed and the emails stop for those of us that opted out?