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Inst-FS gifs aren't animated on the dashboard

Inst-FS gifs aren't animated on the dashboard

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This change is noted in Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-03-25)




If animated gifs are used for course images, and the gifs are uploaded to inst-fs, the images appear static on the dashboard.


Expected Behavior


Animated gifs should be animated on the dashboard.

While we don’t specifically document that gifs will be animated, gifs used to animate on the dashboard.


Steps to Reproduce



  • The Inst-FS plugin configured and enabled for the account
  • A course with a teacher and the 'Enable Dashboard Images for Courses' feature option enabled
  • As the teacher, add an animated gif as the course image
  • View the teacher's dashboard (in Card View)
  • Notice the gif is boring because it doesn't move


Additional Info



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