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Community Team

Releases Q&A: 2021-08-21 New Analytics Attendance

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-08-21 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!


This topic is for specific feature discussion only—please share use cases, best practices, etc. regarding this feature announcement.

Please thread replies as much as possible to keep posts organized.

  • Feedback to product managers about idea enhancements should be submitted in (though linking to the idea here so others can find it is welcome)
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Community Contributor

Hi @erinhmcmillan !  Sorry to be dense, but I can't seem to find the New Analytics configuration menu on beta.  Is it supposed appear in the options menu for New Analytics on Apps > View App Configurations?

Hi @leward 

New Analytics features are not supported in the beta environment. Features will be available in the production environment on August 21.



Community Contributor

Perfect.  Thank you!

Community Participant

The University of Wisconsin release notes teams has a lot of feedback about this. I am going to place it all in this one comment to try to consolidate. 

  1. New Analytics features being unavailable in Beta is a thorn in our side. Working to make New Analytics available in Beta would be nice for testing.
  2. This feature is significantly less useful than it could be if the criteria could be set on a course-by-course level. Different instructors will have different metrics they will be looking for. Having the metrics determined at the University level would already remove the usefulness for instructors, and here at the University of Wisconsin System, we would need to decide for the entire state due to our shared instance.
  3. Changing which criteria are checked needs to update the data presented to the instructor. Since this is unavailable for testing, it may already do this. If not it is important that adjusting criteria impacts the data presented, rather than showing static information that relates to now unused criteria.
  4. We recommend a rebranding for this tool. Attendance is already used with the Role Call tool, along with other 3rd party tools. We predict confusion for instructors when there is a Grade item created by Role Call named attendance, and also an Attendance tool in New Analytics (which has no impact on the Grade item). Even something as simple as “Digital Attendance” or “Student Digital Attendance” provides a bit more differentiation.
  5. The criteria item “Course Access” needs clarification. It says “views a page”, but it is unclear if that means “views a webpage of the course” or “views a Page tool item”. The name implies the first, but the description leans towards the second, while still being ambiguous.
  6. The criteria item “Conferences” needs clarification. It says “Student joins a web conference”, but it seems unlikely to us that this tool is prepared to integrate with all of the available 3rd party conferencing tools. The tool should explicitly mention which conferencing tool(s) it is able to track.
  7. It seems likely that there will be feedback asking that these metrics can be pushed to the Grades area. We ask that if this if that is ever the case that this does not create a Grade item automatically, and instead need to be manually turned on by the instructor on a course-by-course basis.
Community Participant

I quite like this new feature, especially being able to adjust the attendance settings. This way we can track if students are making use of Conferences to catch up with their teacher one-on-one.

I wish though that these analytical reports could be downloaded as a jpeg or pdf instead of csv. 

Community Contributor

We especially agree with item #2 above.  The criteria will be different in each class depending on the nature of the class and the types of activities students are asked to engage in.  Has any consideration been given to allow the instructor to toggle the criteria on and off instead of giving them a read only view.

Community Participant


It appears this new feature meets a need we have for meeting Title IV compliance. There is a report called "User Course Access Log" that met this need until we switched to New Quizzes. Now it doesn't work for us because the New Quizzes aren't included in the report. Anyway, this New Analytics Attendance does have a check box for submitting a quiz, so this helps us.

We also have a third-party attendance tool we use because it works with our fob attendance and it covers Zoom attendance so our on-campus classes don't need another attendance tool. But our Online group needs a report that keys off of a student taking a "Date of Attendance" test. Is there a way that an administrator can run a report that covers all of the courses in a sub-account?

Community Champion

I believe — even in this era of hybrid learning —  there is a common understanding of course attendance as presence. Posting in a discussion, submitting an assignment or taking a quiz is participation - not attendance.  Participating in a conference - ok that could be construed as attendance — but since that will only work for Big Blue Button conferences, it leaves us, and I suspect many others, out in the cold.    It takes only a moment's thought to see that counting participations while ignoring the quality of the participation is absurd.  It's why I so dislike the star Participation and Page Views ratings in the Student Context Card, but fortunately our Canvas users seem to give those the attention they deserve which is none.    Many good suggestions have been made for improving the Roll Call attendance LTI and I would much sooner see that application be gettin' some love than this effort, which I believe at our institution will garner very little interest, except perhaps as an example of the McDonaldization of pedagogy.

Hi Debbie

What is the name of the tool that you use?

thank you