Accessing Canvas assignments

This guide discusses how to verify student access to an assignment.

If you are a student who cannot access your assignment, you may want to ask your instructor about the following situations.

View Assignment Publish Status

Students can only view published assignments.

On the Assignments page [1], you can verify if an assignment is published or unpublished. Published assignments include a Published icon [2]. Unpublished assignments include a Unpublished icon [3].

View Module Publish Status

If modules are being used in your course, students will only be able to see assignments included in published modules.

On the Modules page [1], verify that the assignment is in a published module. Published modules include a Published icon [2]. Unpublished modules include an Unpublished icon [3].

View Assignment Details

View Assignment Details

Students can only view assignments to which they've been assigned.

To check whom the assignment has been assigned, edit the assignment [1] and verify who is included in the Assign To field [2].

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