Posting grades in the Gradebook

There may be situations when you see icons instead of student scores for assignments or quizzes in the Gradebook.

In-Class or Offline Quizzes

If you create a quiz for an offline or in-class quiz or for a quiz taken outside of Canvas and see icons in the Gradebook instead of scores, a student may have inadvertently submitted the quiz in Canvas. To display the student's score in the Gradebook in this case, you must review the quiz in SpeedGrader and manually update the student's score. However, we recommended that you create an assignment with the No Submission submission type for offline or in-class quizzes to avoid issues with submissions and grading.

Ungraded Quiz Questions or Assignments

Ungraded Quiz Questions or Assignments

An icon in the grade cell in Gradebook may also indicate ungraded questions or assignments. Some question types, such as essay questions, require you to manually grade the question. A student's score does not display in the Gradebook until these questions have been manually graded in SpeedGrader.

When an assignment or quiz is ungraded, the Assignment icon displays.