Apply Status [missing, late, excused] while in Speedgrader

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-10-16) .

With the new Gradebook, you can apply one of these status items to an assignment:



Our professors would like the ability to toggle different status markers while they are in Speedgrader.

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Now more than ever, we need the ability to modify submission status after the fact!

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I would love the option to change the status of the assignment while in speed grader and not have to go completely out of speed grader.  Is there an option to do this?

Thank you.

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There is not an option to do this, but hopefully that gets fixed soon!

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Thanks for finding the related conversation.  I'll merge the 2 now.

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I found this suggestion while trying to make a similar suggestion.
We need to be able to adjust the grade qualifiers (late, missing, excused) while in Speed Grader as well as while in the APP.  Also when an assignment is graded using the Canvas APP, it resets any qualifiers that were put on an assignment using the webpage.

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Please, please, please.  In our world of hybrid learning, having students remote and in the classroom, makes extra work for grading and keeping up with what work is missing.  Being able to keep an assignment as an online submission, and then changing the status of those that turn it in in person while grading in SpeedGrader would be a great help.

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It would be nice to have access to the status buttons in speedgrader, instead of just in the  grade detail tray.  It is a lot of clicks to get to the detail tray to change the status from missing to none.

An even better idea would be to make it so when a score was entered, the status automatically changed from missing to none. 

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It would also be nice to be able to exclude weekends from the days late.  If I have an assignment due on Friday and the student turns it in on Monday, I'd like for it to be only 1 day late rather than 3.

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Allow teachers to change missing, late, or excused status directly in speed grader. Right now, I can only complete in grade book. 

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In general, it just needs to be easier to mass assignment late, missing or excused tags to assignments.