Apply Status [missing, late, excused] while in Speedgrader

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-10-16) .

With the new Gradebook, you can apply one of these status items to an assignment:



Our professors would like the ability to toggle different status markers while they are in Speedgrader.


This would be very helpful.  Please make the features available in the gradebook match those available in the speedgrader.

Thank you!

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Being able to add the M or EX instead of a score in speed grader would be great. Also, if there could be a drop down menu where it says "Late" in the speed grader, so that you could easily change the status of the assignment. I have a lot of students re-submit a revised assignment, and it marks them late. I have to interrupt my grading and go back to the grade book to waive the late penalty. It would be much more convenient to be able to change the status of the assignment while I'm still in speed grader.

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Why is this FANTASTIC IDEA still just a conversation?  This should be fast tracked as a priority add-on feature for January (which is when most schools begin a second semester)

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Ideally being able to type in the box for speedgrader and also the regular gradebook view. If this isn't done soon, I will be transitioning to use Canvas as a front page and just use my school gradebook.

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In addition to modify the status flags, there should also be the ability to modify the number of days late. Essentially, all the submission modifications that can be made in the main gradebook's sidebar should be available in the speedgrader as well.

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Agreed. Having a place to change assignment status within the Speedgrader would be SO timesaving, especially for "missing." 

Students often (intentionally or by mistake) turn in blank copies or the wrong assignment. Being able to mark it so it shows up as missing (or even better, some kind of "return to student" or "submission error" option) while I'm grading would be helpful. 

I'm currently jotting down names on a Post-It so that after I grade, I can go back to the gradebook and mark things as missing when needed. 

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Here's a userscript that adds a status dropdown and late day input box:

canvas-tweaks/speedgrader_status at master · paulbui/canvas-tweaks (

Let me know what you think!


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Can someone confirm that what @paulbui suggests is an actual workaround?  I am a little worried about the legitimacy of a program I have to install that magically makes Canvas do what we want and why do we have to rely on a third party that makes us install something that Canvas should be able to implement easily.

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That actually work very well. It would be nice if the zero auto populates in the speed grader but now I know that is auto populates in the grade book excellent job! 


Do you have any other "fixes".  I wish that when you do the default grade you could auto fill the missing comment.

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In the Canvas Teacher app, it isn't even possible to modify status.  If I use the app speedgrader and come across an assignment I need to change the status, I must open the web-based Canvas on a computer while I still remember I need to do it.  Huge pain.