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This idea was submitted previously and archived (see below). I would also request the same thing. For individual assignments, I would like to be able to "Assign to" by Group. I often divide the class into groups with varying discussion assignments or assignment due dates, yet these are individual assignments. I teach large classes, so it is too much work to type in individual names repeatedly.


Assign to" Student Groups for Individual Assessment


I want to be able to create Groups based on their modification or need and assign it to that group.Currently we have teachers who have to type in a LOT of student names when it's a modified assignment. Being able to pre-create groups with those students in them and assign or exclude that group would save a lot of time.

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Much of what I do revolves around getting students into clinicals with hospitals and clinics. Every clinical site has different requirements, so I have modules assigned to a Section specific to that clinical site. By doing Groups, I have been able to separate students into their individual program of study, which is helpful. However, each of our programs have different rotation dates, making it difficult to track when each Section and Group needs to submit their documentation. Having the Group Set is helpful, as I can give due dates, but it would be even more helpful if I could assign multiple Group Sets in an assignment, so I can track the several cohorts we have. 

For example, our Associate students start clinicals in August, but our Bachelor Sonography students don't start until March. If they are at the same clinical site, having multiple Group Sets would allow me to set individual due dates; one for the Associate Students and another for Sonography, without having multiple assignments running around.

How hard would this be to add? 




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Problem statement:

Teachers/instructors can create Groups/Group Sets, but those sets cannot be selected in the Assign to... section unless the Group Assignment box is checked. Teachers need to be able to create various groups of students and assign differentiated work to those groups without students seeing each others' work. For example, students with a particular IEP accommodation may need a modified assignment. Having to type each name is cumbersome and inefficient when the Groups feature is already available. Creating Sections within the course is neither ideal nor allowed by some institutions. Groups may change frequently throughout the term, and allowing teachers to Assign to... a Group even for individual assignments is a reasonable solution.

Proposed solution:

Instructor-created Groups should always show up in the Assign to... box, even for individual assignments and not just for Group Assignments. Instructors should be able to select a group of students without having to type names each and every time.

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