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Something  that is frustrating is the lack of a highlight bar that shows teachers exactly what student they are entering grades for.  When you are trying to put grades in as quickly as possible, it is crucial to make sure you are putting grades in for the correct student.  However, on Canvas there isn’t a highlight bar so teachers have to constantly be checking whether or not they are inserting the correct grade for the correct student. It may sound silly, but this does take up time when you’re trying to grade as efficiently as possible because you have to keep looking from one side of the screen to the other, especially if the grade you are entering is on the complete other side of the screen. With a highlight bar, teachers can quickly assure themselves that they are inserting the right grade for the right person.  The white and slightly gray alternating shading that Canvas has just doesn’t cut it.  It ultimately takes too much time to figure out which student teachers are entering grades for.

    • Please compare the two pictures below.  The canvas picture does not have a highlight bar that shows teachers precisely which student they are entering grades for, but the other program below does (next picture).
    • 107201_pastedImage_9.png107890_pastedImage_9.png
    • Please note how the program below has a yellow highlight bar. It makes grading SO MUCH EASIER since you don't have to keep double checking that you're entering the correct grade for the correct student.  This is especially crucial for when you are inputting hundreds of grades that are not alphabetized during one sitting.



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Thank you for your submission,  @richard_ireland ​. This idea will be open for voting during the next voting cycle (which starts Oct. 7). Smiley Happy

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Instructure Alumni

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community from Wed. October 7, 2015 - Wed. January 6, 2015.

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Please check out this idea as well:

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How many votes are needed for this to be implemented?

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This problem comes up when I am entering notes. I rarely need to enter notes about every student at the same time, but it can be very hard to tell which student I am currently entering notes for. I had to block out the identifying info in the screenshot but there is no highlight bar or other emphasis that would indicate which student I'm working on.

enter notes.JPG

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100 is what they aim for. I'm not sure if it's a definite go at 100 or just a strong possibility, though . . .*or* if you just get to 99, you're toast.  😕

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Sometimes they implement ideas with just a few votes if the fix fits into an ongoing project. And they promise to review all feature ideas whenever they do a redesign, e.g., if they are redesigning the speedgrader, they make a point to review all speedgrader-related feature ideas, regardless of how many votes they got.

Knowing that makes the archive/panda-cat sting a little less. Smiley Happy

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It would be GREAT if the assignments were arranged where the most recent assignment is at the top of the Assignment page and if it appeared "left most" on the Grade page AND move the percentages to the left.  Scrolling to the right each time is just a PAIN.  Add a button at the top that can bring me from one class to the next without accessing a drop down menu!!!!

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This would be really useful extension.  The lack of highlighting when a TA is uploading grades, especially for large courses with students assigned to TAs at random so they have to pick each student individually, increases the risk of entering grades for the wrong student and for large courses this is very hard for the TA or the teacher of the course to detect (the reason for this idea:).

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Not sure what's different between this idea and the one found here:

It seems weird that both are up for a vote at the same time. Will the votes be added together? I hope so!

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 @Beth_Young  I agree with your point here regarding the Notes Column.  I think the functionality could be improved and have realized multiple times that I am entering notes for the wrong student!  Have you considered creating a new Feature Request just for this issue?  I wonder if it will be overlooked as your comments in this thread are related to the original request?  If you have created a separate request will you share the link with me? ~Shauna